Repair V Replace

Repair V Replace the Nut Broom

For almost a generation now the word repair has dropped from our vocabulary , indeed we have become the throw away society , with our homes and indeed garbage full of stuff we have bought and indeed cannot get spares to repair – indeed when was the last time you had the satisfaction of taking something broken apart and repairing it ?

Manufacturers – sorry we do not hold spare parts , however the new Mark 14 model is much superior to the old mark 10 can we ship you one of these.

On every level this is wrong and We at No More Bending decided that everything we manufacture is indeed repairable – a couple of tools and a few minutes of your time and the Nut Wizard will be as good as new ,

Indeed you should never need to buy but one ever , with a little time and knowledge your Nut Broom will still be clearing the yard in 20 years time,

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